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  Graduation rate of 87%, which is the vocational Shenzhen to "mixed scholar" firmly say "no." Vane 87% graduation rate for vocational This "mixed scholar" firmly say "no" Recently, Shenzhen Polytechnic graduation season announced such a set of data: 2020 session of 7364 college graduates graduation rate of 87% 957 students only get a completion certificate; In addition, the 2020 school year, the school did not meet the students deal with their studies a total of 158 people, including 25 who drop out, repetition, 133.Shenzhen Polytechnic graduate strict export control, failed to meet the graduation of students eligible to firmly say "no.".This makes a lot of people exclaimed: "mixed scholar" no place to hide, want easy to get a diploma of vocational colleges may not be easy.2020 school year, the Shenzhen Polytechnic school students called "history of the most serious of the year."."Most of these students said, do not understand, do not accept, can not be reconciled."Shenzhen Polytechnic Academic Affairs Deputy Commissioner Zhang Qing said in full, according to prescribed procedures when issuing school" after school is not up to this book ", 25 students were dropping out of the 20 students had the body for various reasons, such as family raised defense.Cried the students expressed their intention to repentant parents want schools lenient bitterly, "This gives us a real feel no small pressure."."Students decade studying hard to enter university is very difficult, and finally could not stick with it, the school is very sad, but still want to express determination."Shenzhen Polytechnic, said Dean Yang Xinbin.Finally, the school appeals committee believes that all defense reasons are unsubstantiated.In this way, while doing school work patiently explained and counseling for students and parents, while resolutely resist pressure to strictly enforce school regulations, correspondence students drop out of school to be issued a "drop-out process decision".Vocational colleges "stringent exit" is really necessary?"I am concerned that a survey recently released shows that Chinas vocational education has seriously restricted the Chinese to enhance the global competitiveness of speed, become the mainstay in the short board."Shenzhen Polytechnic party secretary Chenqiu Ming said, education is closely related to vocational education and competitiveness, the competitiveness of our country.Quality Personnel Training vocational education, vigorously develop modern vocational education, to promote the transition from vocational education key factor restricting Chinas global competitiveness as drivers of.Therefore vocational colleges "strict Graduation" is necessary to move."And create a world-class vocational targeted schools from the point of view, is by no means pounding on drums and shouting numerous slogans can be achieved."Chenqiu Ming said in 2020," Shenzhen Polytechnic Chinese characteristics, a world-class career-building program "institutions approved by the Shenzhen municipal government, the formal implementation plan nine class action to cultivate first-class technical skills of personnel as a leader."Which requires us to do solid work in teaching quality and teaching reform, greater efforts to change the teaching style and improve students academic achievement and get a sense, cultivate first-class technical skills talent to such vocational colleges recognized by society, the State affirmed, recognized worldwide."Chenqiu Ming said that only the implementation of the Yan out policy, first-class technical training skilled personnel only system security, quality of personnel training and vocational education in order to obtain reputation trust.Meanwhile, students of "leniency" is a kind of injury.Once upon a time, "death-defying" school "Happy" university "college much easier" has become the mantra of some students, and finally good enough just to get a diploma to society, but ultimately could not do the job are not uncommon."20-year-old college students into the school, which is a human adult starting, lifetime learning capacity of the strongest, fastest to absorb knowledge, the best memory stage, it is an important stage in the formation of a human life, the perfect personality.So give students the necessary supervision and encouragement, let them know, you can not go to college once and for all, can not live up to the time, youth must struggle."Chenqiu Ming said vocational colleges stringent exit, is to enhance the competitiveness of the country needs is the need to build a world-class vocational colleges, students need more nurturing growth and success.To this end, Shenzhen Polytechnic "strict" putting the word, adopted a series of initiatives to strengthen the learning process management, strict examination management, strict customs export graduation.For example, an academic early warning system, and resolutely cancel "clear test", the graduation rate is not the assessment as an indicator of secondary colleges, etc..Driven by "stringent exit" policy, the school of "teaching" and "learning" there is a noticeable change."Stringent exit" With effect.According to the State in full, the school lit "iron fist" and chanted "magic", the strict quality standards, strict export graduates off to the whole process of the implementation of personnel training, and with "more than 10% of graduates entry of China Mobile, Tencent, Dajiang innovation and other well-known enterprises, 46 students were hired by Huawei, "a group of impressive digital answered a strict quality effect.Of course, 87%, the graduation rate is not high, the industry also attracted attention and controversy, but more commendable vocational education official said: "This is one that should be adhered to anyone universities."China Youth Daily · China Youth Network reporter Liang Guosheng Source: China Youth Daily

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