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  Hebei promote the "Emergency Management a map" building power production safety situation continues to improve 20, according to the Office of Emergency Management director Li Guohua Hebei Province, the first half of 2020, Hebei total of 486 kinds of production safety accidents, the death of 385 people, were down 17.6% 13.9%.Currently, in order to boost the security situation continues to improve the production of Hebei, Hebei vigorously promoting the "Emergency Management a map" building.According to reports, the project construction since 2017, has been importing high-risk industries and enterprises above designated size industrial and commercial enterprises 2.More than 20,000 homes, more than 2400 major hazard point, at the point of geological disasters in 4200, and contingency plans to import more than 4300, stockpiles of emergency supplies of food, water conservancy, transportation and other sectors, equipment and library data 236 more than 60,000 sets of emergency supplies, basic information equipment, the initial realization of emergency response force statistical analysis, dynamic display, rapid decision-making, such as integrated management needs.Day, Hebei Province Peoples Government Information Office held a press conference said the security situation continues to improve at the same time, Hebei Province, heavy big accident situation is still grim.The first half of 2020, Hebei major accident 1, the death of 11 people, over the same period last year, no major accidents; 12 there is a greater accident, the death of 46 people, an increase of 33.3% 31.4%.Li Guohua said, Hebei, Jiangsu Xiangshui profound lessons, "3.21" particularly serious explosion lesson, the chemical industry to carry out remediation crucial action.The first half of 2020, a total of 4 hidden investigation.50000, has completed the rectification 4.370 000; found significant risks 36, has 21 regulation; the implementation of the administrative penalty amount 16.62 million yuan.Next, Hebei will continue to carry out large investigation and major renovation crucial action, the deepening of rectification in the field of industry, coal mines, non-coal mines, dangerous chemicals, metallurgy, construction, special equipment, etc., to promote the provinces production safety situation continues steady improvement.

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