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  "Mulan" 90 seconds trailer usher in four major points groove Disney released the worlds first trailer, Liu Yifei version of the walking style of martial arts films, Donnie Yen, Jet Li and Gong Li did not show up, modeling, and other people set hot lead "Mulan" ushered in 90 seconds trailer 4 trough point recently released Disney the "Mulan" the worlds first live-action trailer, when the trailer length 90 seconds to show Liu Yifei played Mulan disguised as a man, fathers army, Feiyanzoubi great shots, full of the taste of martial arts films, Mulan finally to a "my responsibility It is to fight "for the trailer a stop.It is reported that the film will be reflected in the global offering next year March 27, the country is expected to synchronize.In the trailer, we can see Magnolia wealthy family, she is no longer a small family child "Mulan" and the cartoon of the same name, Ming and Qing Dynasties Fujian Tulou is "pass through" to the border of the Northern and Southern.In addition the films dress hair, nondescript English dialogue, also have been criticized, but the cast of Donnie Yen, Jet Li and Gong Li stars such as why do not show up, it has become the biggest question.Beijing News interviews with industry filmmakers, frame by frame Secret "Mulan" trailer.Cartoon contrast with retained detail army "Mulan" story inspired by the ancient poetry "Mulan", the trailer part reflect the original poem plot, but Mulan purchase men, obtain exploits was the emperor reward home in glory, and magnolia in the army in front of fellow expose daughter body did not reflect the truth of the plot.However, the live version of the 2098 Disney animated film of the same name some comparative details are in place: either blind date before dressing up as magnolia, plug Bob, after Mulan to play on the women could not help but place a circular motion, or after Mulancongjun and a public rough guy drills, marching on the road encounter avalanches and other details are all are restored.No wood to be Long live version of "Mulan," and animation there is a significant difference: there is no "pets" who set.From wood to be dragon roles currently does not seem to notice appeared in the classic cartoon, so a lot of the audience nostalgic great sense of regret.Animated version, the ancestral home to spend in order to protect Magnolia, sent a train with her.Only speech like a torrent of angry dragons and love, and laughter along the way to bring a lot of help to Magnolia.The original theme song changed the background music in 2098, 20-year-old Christina Aguilera for the animated film "Mulan" sang the theme song "Reflection", then the song was also nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Original Song.Liu Yifei trailer did not sing this song lens, but this classic is converted to the background music, the trailer is the start of a piano and flute concerto ancient version of "Reflction" kicked off.4 large tank where the Ming and Qing crossing point Tulou Mulan live footage appeared Tulou, but we all know Mulan is a northerner Northern and Southern Dynasties, the animated version of "Mulan" there is no such settings.Is Tulou built in the Ming and Qing Dynasties of Chinese-style architectural features can revel?"Can be inferred that this version of Mulan adaptation does not comply with the relevant historical legend of Mulan, Mulan turned into Disney imagined.In other words, not the live version adapted from the cartoon, but to re-write a new story based on folk tales."Jiang Yong film market experts predict.The amount of powder makeup is too thick yellow demonize "when the window manager its shallow, yellow decals on the mirror," this is "Mulan" in the original, the trailer also the perfect time to restore the makeup, but this is the point where the people of the largest tank, many people Tucao "ugly".It is understood that this look was more popular Southern and Northern Dynasties and the Tang Dynasty, "the amount of yellow makeup", the most significant feature is the red pigment applied to the forehead, with light colored paper, silk Luo, mica flakes, onion skin, dragonfly wings and even fish bones as raw, dyed golden, Ji red or green and other colors, cut as flowers, birds, fish-shaped, attached to the forehead, wine dimple, mouth, etc. Binbian.Big wave volume issued show some lines revolutionized the father-daughter relationship "Mulan" and the cartoon of the same name.Mulan Mulan father said, agreed to this marriage for our family, it is the best arrangement, Magnolia expression sadness, but also promised marriage.But if this is the background behind that of Mulan fathers military service and self-sacrifice and great to talk about what comes?In addition, Liu Yifei action scenes valiant, red dress shawl hair style is very "immortal", but a big wave hairstyle photographed, people laugh a little too modern.Some came from wealth illegally and Mulan is a very strong color legend Northern and Southern Dynasties , her fathers army, defeated the invading nation, since it was forced to join the army, it shows Mulan was not born rich people, in addition to strict conscription also shows that the current situation bad, but in the trailer show, magnolia enjoy riding on the green grassland, the distance is a huge circular building like a barn.Background did not feel a little war, Mulan house furnished and decorated, in that era can be considered a wealthy family, how can poor?Big stars did not mirror the first team trailer may be limited duration, in order to increase coupled with a sense of mystery, no emperor, played by Jet Li appeared, General Tang, played by Donnie Yen, Gong Li plays the witch roles, such as lenses, more focus will be placed Liu Yifei who plays Mulan.But with limited about 90 seconds, but there have been several closely related roles and magnolia.Mulan father Ma Ma is decorated with Chinese well-known Hollywood actor, starred in many American movies and TV series, one of the more well-known role is "24," plays a Chinese agent Cheng Zhi in the American TV series, the film "come" in General business plays.Cheng Pei Pei famous matchmaker decorated veteran actress Cheng Pei Pei this action is no longer involved, but "moving mouth" plays a matchmaker vomit Lotus, she once every four words - quiet, calm, Shuya and tell the recipient how to become a magnolia good wife, but by screen switching, magnolia with practicing tai chi, swordsmanship, school field training and other "training shijiazi" scenes to retaliate matchmaker.Seems to declare that these can make a good wife of quality, also can let her become a female general defending the homeland.An Yousen boyfriend Chen Honghui decorated in the trailer, he photographed image temporarily recruits, veterans are magnolia tune, and eventually he will Jiaru Tang generals team as Mulan most important ally and lover.An Yousen New Zealand Chinese actor, he was proficient in martial arts and karate black segment, kickboxing, who starred in the movie "Crouching Tiger: Qing Ming sword".Beijing News reporter Zhou Hui Xiaowan

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