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  After "Fat Five" flying, the strongest satellite platform "performance" before the official start. Remember 2020 December 27 "long five" Flying shocking scene it?At that time, with the "long-Five" is a soaring China has independently developed a launch weight of the heaviest, highest-tech high-orbiting satellites - satellites practice XX.Today, coming from the satellite development unit Aerospace Technology Group, the five branches of the good news, the satellite completed a series of "tough" action in just nine days have successfully arrived at the target point, and launched a series of new technologies in rail test verification, test results achieved important.Practice XX satellites: space unlock a new skill skills: Expand giant wing.Practice twenty satellite has a giant solar wings, more than 737 wingspan is wider 10m.So what purpose does this piece of the giant wing?Aerospace Science and Technology Group of the five branches of experts, after all the solar wings deployed, can bring a steady stream of super-current supply to the satellite, make satellite XX practice always have plenty of stamina, providing radio and television for more small partners, mobile communications and other services.Skills II: seven orbit.January 4 am, after experiencing seven orbit maneuver, the satellite arrived in geostationary orbit successfully.Complete orbital maneuvering protagonist is a chemical propulsion system, it is the most important task is to take over the launch vehicle, the use of high-performance satellite chemical propulsion system to the height of 36,000 km geosynchronous orbit.Orbital maneuvering is a comprehensive assessment of the performance of major chemical propulsion system, in which seven orbital maneuvering, the excellent chemical propulsion system performance.It is reported that electricity subsequent practice XX satellite propulsion system will take over the baton chemical propulsion, promote satellite precision "floating" above our heads the height of 36,000 km of fixed position, chemical propulsion system as "If your organization requires at any time on top "the role and the back seat to rest quietly.Skills III: biaxial vector adjustment.In order to ensure that the practice of XX satellite always stick to their posts, instead of running away from home, you also need a complete satellite-axis vector adjustment mechanism in rail operation.Vector adjustment mechanism for the realization of key products for the practice of XX satellite electric propulsion system to maximize the effect equipped, you can adjust the engine thrust direction.Currently, four organizations successfully unlocked, and precision to the target rotation angle, and laid a solid foundation for the smooth follow-electric propulsion system of ignition.Follow-up, electric propulsion system will start firing the satellite mission plan, and will always take a long-term position of the satellite and to maintain momentum wheel unloading tasks in the whole life cycle of satellites.Skill Four: Laser rail terminal in the unlocked.January 4 twenty laser practice terminal rail unlocking is successful, then launched a large-scale rotating mechanism function tests, products are now in good condition, the successful completion of the stated objectives.Successor will carry out a series of tests high-speed coherent laser communications, engineering data further accumulation of satellite laser communication link, to lay the technical foundation for the subsequent development of higher-rate laser communications payload to meet the high-speed inter-satellite, satellite to the urgent needs of information transmission.East is Red V platform: the next 20 years the main force in world practice XX communications satellite was successfully positioned marking the East is Red V platform validation major breakthrough, but also indicates that China is among the world-class communications satellite "club".Dong Wu is Chinas own development platform for a new generation of large-scale satellites in geosynchronous orbit platform.According to design specifications, satellite-based "East Five" platform of takeoff weight of up to 8000-9000kg, load-bearing capacity of up to 1500-2000kg; the whole star power more than 28KW, providing up to 20kW of power load; payload bay cooling capacity of 9KW; design life of 16 years.More importantly, five East satellite development platform to meet the needs of different functions, can be widely used in high orbit communication, microwave remote sensing, optical remote sensing, space science and exploration, scientific experiments, in fields such as rail service, is the worlds aerospace industry rare multi-platform adaptability.Aerospace Science and Technology Group of the five branches of the chief engineer, the practice of XX Satellite commander, commander Zhou Zhicheng Dong Wu platform Academician, and our active duty "main product" East Third, East Fourth platform compared to five East platform weight, power, in on another track key performance indicators such as life expectancy by leaps and bounds upgrade, it will fill in the blanks large satellite platform type spectrum in our country, to meet the demand for high-capacity satellite applications over the next 20 years.In addition, the "East Five" platform also innovative design concepts to achieve an intelligent autonomous operation and management, so as to effectively enhance the ease of use, ease of use of satellites; by subdivision modular design and develop digital mode, greatly shorten the development cycle, improve the design and production efficiency.In addition, stand-alone platform localization rate of up to 100%, the strong traction equipment development of Chinas space.According to reports, the practice of XX after pointing a successful satellite will also carry out practical work in-orbit testing to further validate the key technologies Dong Wu platform.Aerospace Science and Technology of the five branches will accelerate in-orbit validation test five East platform, and soon more and more to spend five East Chinas satellite platform has world-class level, make new and greater contributions to the early realization of the great dream of space powers.

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